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Project Description

Fashion is a journey of unique discovery, expressing our lives and the way we live through the latest cutting edge styles and trends. Fashion photography is so much more than producing an attractive photograph to promote your clothing and accessories; it’s about showcasing different lifestyles to inspire your customers fashion choices.

For fashion designers and retailers, Feather Photography specialises in fashion photography, offering you an experienced fashion photographer and a team of creative stylists and models. Your input and vision is of the utmost importance in the outcome of a successful fashion shoot. Therefore, we work closely with you from the outset to ensure your ideas are correctly interpreted and visualised.

Combining your fashion photography brief with our creative fashion photography expertise, we capture your fashion lines in stunning and unique ways.

For creative ideas and inspiration about how you could best promote your fashion lines, take a look at our fashion photography portfolio below.

Would you like to add a touch of Feather Photography flavour to your next fashion photography experience? If you’re a fashion designer or fashion retailer looking to showcase your latest lines through photography contact Val Rose at Feather Photography to discuss your fashion photography needs.

Fashion Photography